Finding Balance with Screen Time

I’m often working with moms...helping them overcome physical breakdowns that I believe often relate back to lacking resources for postpartum recovery. 

As moms become aware in their own bodies, I’m hearing from more and more of them about concerns they have for their kids. I can relate!!! The pressures on kids are tremendous. School and homework require extended periods of seated time and most of the work starting in junior high is done on some kind of device. Additionally, by the time kids are adolescents, they socialize and are also entertained through digital devices. Even active kids and athletes are impacted by this. They might be moving more than others but there’s often early sports specialization that requires repetitive motion training at high intensities...and in between these sessions they’re likely sitting on devices. Kids aged 5-16 spend an average of 6.5 hours a day on a screen!!!!
Think about what your posture looks like when...
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Belly Breathing Vs. Foundation Training Breathing


Breath Matters!

If there's a breakdown in muscular stability and support in your is often the case with diastasis recti, incontinence, and many recurring aches and pains (sciatica, neck & shoulder pain, etc.)...the way you breathe might be contributing to the breakdown and preventing forward progress. Check out what happens to the abdomen when you belly breathe vs. Decompression Breathe, as taught in Foundation Training.


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