3 Steps to Improved Health & Wellbeing!

Meet Kacie…mom of 3, business owner, entrepreneur, loyal friend, community builder, faithful wife and awesome human!  Kacie is a beloved friend of mine as well as client.  What I adore most is her unapologetic ability to show up and DO IT! She’s vulnerable, genuine and faces her fears head on by showing up and making things happen!!  I LOVE it and am continually inspired.

Here’s a little bit about the first 8 weeks of Kacie’s recent health & wellness journey from Kacie herself:

 After 3 kids, 3 c-sections, gall bladder removal, gaining 45-55lbs with each pregnancy, 4 finger gap in my abdominal muscles (diastasis recti), I have finally taken back control of my body & mind! It will never be what it used to, but I am embracing all it has endured! I vowed to myself that by the time I turn 40 in February 2020, I would be in the best shape of my life. (mentally & physically) 

My time is limited during the day as a full time...

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