Tune IN Workouts with Erin


In the hustle and bustle of our modern lives it's easy to be drawn to workouts that allow us to tune out; to somehow escape the crazy of the world around us. While we all need an escape every now and again, what we really need now, more than ever, is to tune IN! These workouts with Erin will give you the opportunity to challenge your body in new ways, encouraging you to listen to the what your body is telling you. It is here where you will DISCOVER your true strength.

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"Erin Low's masterful teaching has completely healed me from chronic back and neck issues that I've battled for years. Now that I have access to Erin's precise and encouraging instruction online, I've been able to have a daily practice that I can easily fit into my day. The increase in strength and flexibility I feel in just one week of a quick daily practice has rocked my world. What a gift for me and for anyone who jumps in with these online classes!" - Nancy


Erin Low has more than 20 years of experience in the Health & Fitness Industry in a variety of leadership positions.  She’s a fitness instructor, business & household manager, wife and a mom of two. In 2012 Erin discovered Foundation Training, the work that helped her stabilize her post-pregnancy physical breakdowns & has inspired the creation of Goula FIT and the 5 Star Breath Circle. She was a Master Instructor and Program Director for Foundation Training from 2012-2018. She has experience as a health club manager and holds a variety of other certifications in personal training (NASM, FRC), group fitness instruction (AFAA) and Pilates. Erin earned her BS in Biopsychology from UCSB, where her curiosity of human anatomy and physiology was born. 

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Foundation Training

At the core of everything Erin teaches are the principles of Foundation Training. This simple, yet powerful corrective exercise focuses on decompressing the spine and torso by integrating chains of muscles throughout the entire body.

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Functional Range Conditioning

Sprinkled throughout the workouts you'll find Functional Range Conditioning. This focused work helps to increase active, controlled joint range of motion. 

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You'll also experience Erin's own breath work and movement adaptations that have come together over her years of experience in the fitness industry, mending concepts from both Pilates and Foundation Training. 



What You'll Get

  • Breathing Basics
  • Standing Workouts
  • Groundwork Sequences
  • Educational Lessons
  • Moving Meditations
  • 2 New Lessons or Workouts each month
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