Total Re-Set

There's no doubt that motherhood brings a lot of change to life but chronic pain, incontinence, diastasis recti and a non-functioning core do NOT have to be part of your story!!!
Total Re-Set is a simple, effective online curriculum designed to give you the information and exercises you need to restore and maintain your mom-bod so you can do the things you love in life with strength & confidence. 


Educational Lessons: Learn how breathing facilitates proper pelvic floor and deep core function

In-depth instruction of 10 Integrated Body-weight Postures & Movements

4 Workouts for continued Daily Practice

Access anytime from anywhere

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"I started seeing Erin at six weeks post partum with my third baby (under five years old). I was totally debilitated and in pain. In five months, she has helped me regain deep strength and stability I can draw on to stay on my feet as much as needed. She has filled me with hope and given me a toolkit I take with me wherever I go, and use to get stronger everyday. I'm truly grateful for her skill and support. Every woman should be so lucky as to work with Erin."

Amazing Mama Overcoming Prolapse

Tell Me More About Total Re-Set

Total Re-Set teaches you breathing techniques and movements to effectively integrate the deepest chain of muscles in the body that are often left out of sync when we go back to our crazy, modern lives as moms. When you practice these things daily for just 10-15 minutes, you begin to develop strength from the inside out.  Once they become second nature you take the concepts and principles to all of your other workouts and life activities, making them all more effective!

Diastasis Recti is the separation of the outermost abdominals from the central connective tissue but is also often associated with a deep core that is not muscularly integrated. This includes muscles from the arches of the feet up to the head and includes the inner thighs, pelvic floor, deep abdominals and diaphragm. Weakness or imbalance thoughout the entire system is typical with DR. We recommend meeting with a pelvic floor physical therapist in order to rule out any dysfunction that might be need specific treatment. From there, the magic begins with proper execution of the breath. Take your time and ensure that you are able to fully express and differentiate between a Decompression Breath and a Weaving Breath.  Once you can do this and begin to coordinate the deep core throughout the movements you will notice improved core stability and be able to see and feel physical change. Be patient and if you find the breathing difficult to understand, schedule a private virtual session to work through the details! Breath=Magic!

Total Re-Set is designed for moms at all stages who have been cleared to exercise by their treating physician. What I've seen time and again in working with moms with various aches, pains and injuries is that many of the patterns and dysfunctions relate back to a lack of physical restoration post-delivery.  The good news is, it's never too late to make improvement! Muscles are designed to provide primary support for our structure and when we give them the proper information, they learn and begin working together again quite quickly!

As a mom of a 3 and 4 year old I was consumed and frustrated by my bulging mom belly that didn't hold tension, pelvic pain and frequent bouts of debilitating neck and back pain. Nobody talked to me about these things or offered any viable solutions so I started to believe that it was all "just because I was a mom". I'm here to change this momversation!

 With just 10-15 minutes of focused daily practice I've said goodbye to chronic episodes of debilitating neck and back pain, no longer pee my pants when I jump and I love that my belly can support the movements & activities that fill my cup!

Every woman deserves to know how to restore form and function to their body upon entering motherhood.

-Erin Low, Founder, Goula Gals, LLC


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