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RESTORE Postpartum Recovery Program

8-Week Prenatal Wellness Program

Education, workouts, and resources to help you recover, thrive so you can cherish the MOM-ents with your new little one

Whether you're a first-time mom or this is your fifth time through, our team of wellness professionals shares important information that you won't get through your routine doctor visits.

If you're nearing the end of your pregnancy or you just recently delivered and are needing support, this program is for YOU!

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MRC Providers

Motherhood Resource Collective is spearheaded by a group of women and moms just like you who are not only trained professionals in the wellness community but are passionate about sharing our knowledge and training to support women through the transition into Motherhood. We each have our own story and journey that has lead us a place where we can collaborate and bring all of the things we wish we had known along the way and share them with YOU!

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Meet Our Team

RESTORE Postpartum Recovery Program

Value - Over $2000

  • 12-Weeks of Resources & Support
  • Customized to begin the week of your due date
  • Welcome phone call to get you started on the right path
  • Weekly emails with links to video lessons from our 4 pillars of health
  • Live weekly calls to discuss topics important to YOU
  • Online community of like-minded women and professionals to share, inquire and support
  • Discounts on private sessions and supplements


Investment - $497

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Our 4 Pillars of Health


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This pillar of the program contains educational lessons about your spectacular body and the evolution it's going through; as well as simple movements and postures you can use to keep you confident and strong throughout. There are workouts for each stage of the journey that emphasize muscular stability and pelvic floor health.
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There's so much to consider when planning for life with baby. With tips from a lactation consultant, pelvic floor physical therapist, chiropractor, holistic
healthcare practitioner, ergonomic and movement specialist, & doula, you'll get expert advice on topics from breastfeeding to choosing a stroller that's best for YOUR body.
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Efficiently fueling your body is critical during pregnancy and postpartum recovery. Nutrition experts who specialize in this phase of life will share simple tips for things like easing morning sickness & constipation. They'll offer food suggestions & recipes, as well as information & access to professional grade supplementation.
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The transition into Motherhood is a BIG one, and can sometimes feel overwhelming. It's important to have tools to keep you grounded, calm, and connected with self. The Feel section of the program is filled with beautiful movement & walking meditations as well as guided journaling exercises to keep you present through the process.
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Because of the support I received from Erin and the resources at MRC, I began to build that bridge between my pregnant & postpartum body six weeks after giving birth. Thanks to the strength I found through this program, I went on to have my second baby. This time I moved, walked, & carried my pregnancy in a way that served my body & my baby much better!
I am immensely grateful for the physical awareness, strength, & confidence I've gained!"
Jane, newly Mom of 2
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