Goula Gals


"Alone we can do so little;

together we can do so much."

-Helen Keller


The Inspiration

Erin Low founded Goula Gals in July 2018 out of her desire to change the conversation about women's healthcare.  While overcoming her own physical struggles of motherhood she began to see clearly the inadequacies in both our current healthcare model, as well as our modern cultural practices, in preserving the health and wellbeing of women and moms. She's passionate about bringing together educated thought leaders to provide simple and effective tools for self care and quality living! It's time to recognize pregnancy and delivery as a process that requires time and rehabilitation and Goula Gals from all aspects of the wellness continuum will provide simple and concise information and resources to make this journey possible.  Healthy, strong, vibrant moms foster families and children that will keep our society progressing forward. We don't have to accept physical pain, mental angst and lack of function as part of the motherhood journey simply because the current system is not providing us with tools and resources get us back on track. Let's stick together and shift the norm...in thinking, in practice and in possibility!

Erin Low, Goula FIT Gal 

Erin Low has more than 20 years of experience in the Health, Fitness and Wellness industry in a variety of leadership positions.  She’s a fitness instructor, business & household manager, wife and a mom of two. In 2012, after suffering from Diastasis Recti and some of the common side effects of this physical breakdown, Erin found Foundation Training.  Through this work she connected many dots in her own body which have lead and inspired the creation of Goula FIT and the 5 Star Breath Circle. She's a Master Instructor for Foundation Training which she began teaching in 2012. She also served as their Program Director from 2012-2018; creating and managing educational programs, developing teaching curriculum and fostering the growth of a high-impact teaching team.  Prior to that she served as the General Manager of Goleta Valley Athletic Club from 1999-2005 where she also achieved a variety of certifications in personal training, group fitness instruction and Pilates. Erin holds a BS in Biopsychology from UCSB, where her curiosity of human anatomy and physiology was born. Erin continues to find great joy in helping individuals uncover physical possibilities to enjoy the things they love in life. Her current passion project is Goula Gals because she understands firsthand that healthy moms are the core of  healthy families and communities.

Tisha Gehringer, Goula GETAWAY Gal 

Tisha Gehringer has worked in the fitness industry since 1992 and has committed herself to not only teaching people in different modalities but helping people understand the importance of balance in all aspects of their life. Foundation Training changed her life over 5 years ago when it served as a tool to help her find her way out of pain. Now she incorporates the work into all movement programs she uses with her clients. Her training crosses over many types of programming including  Gravity, TRX, kettle, cycling, yoga...... but most of all helping people create their own happy. Being able to do all the things you love most in life is the top priority! Tish has a passion for travel and is a true connector...the glue that keeps her friend circles together.  Out of this passion grew Goula GETAWAYS, the arm of Goula Gals that coordinates gatherings for women and moms.  Whether its workshops, lectures, weekend retreats or predesigned travel plans for you to enjoy with your own family, Tish has a never-ending churn of ideas to bring forward; helping us all unplug and reconnect with what's important in life!

More amazing Goula Gals collaborating with us soon!  Are YOU a Goula Gal?


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